Learn your horses language and have a more satisfying experience

Katy Wilkinson – Grand Canyon, Arizona

Wilhelmina, We wanted to sincerely thank you for all the work you put into Goldilocks for us! She has transformed into such a sweet, mild mannered girl – just what I thought she could be! You are awesome!

Judy Amon – Weddington, North Carolina

Wilhelmina, you have an innate sense in reading a horse’s behavior and by incorporating your natural horsemanship knowledge in working with and through that behavior was priceless to me and very beneficial to Majosa. Majosa would mouth the bit and throw his head up and down and you solved that problem by simply making a change in the bit being used. My concerns with Majosa were his reactive behavior and his race track training that is not applicable to trail or pleasure riding. You taught me how my response to Majosa’s reactive behavior can either heighten his behavior or give him reassurance that there is no need for concern. You showed me how having a tight rein on him increases his movements and how by having a relaxed rein decreases his movement and sitting deep in the saddle tells him to slow down. You taught me that my body language on the ground as well as in the saddle speaks volumes to Majosa; much more so than I ever knew. Your gentle firmness and consistency in training Majosa is priceless to me and I can not thank you enough for how much it has helped me and Majosa. Since I cannot have you by my side each and every ride, I will take your lessons and words of wisdom with me as Majosa and I go forward together.

Thank you so very much!

Nancy Kain – Leesburg, Virginia

I cannot tell you what it means to me to be able to have Rio do what he did this weekend. He was a rock star. I got a million complements on him. The vet at the finish wanted your name as he said he has a long list of people who need you! Thank you for helping us, Wilhelmina.

Deb Bryan (July 2011) – Middleburg, Virginia

Wilhelmina, I’m impressed! Also impressed with what you have done with Clearly for me. Looking forward to his progress this year and his ultimate sale.

Deb Bryan (August 2012)

Clearly has a new home!
And he looked so fabulous at the vetting!  Fat, sleek, happy, and beautifully turned out.  What an amazing feat it was for Wilhelmina to get him sold before her move.  But more than that, what a great job she did starting Clearly.  His new owner will reap tremendous rewards.
He was started nice and slowly with several months of flat work that included lots of trail riding and getting used to all sorts of things and so he remained interested in his work and wouldn’t get ring sour.  She took him out to shows just to get him out and let him hang out and get used to going places.  She gave him the winter off, started him back easily this spring, and started his over-fences work only a few months ago.
Her professional but loving approach to starting a horse, and her intuitive use of varying their activities were easy to recognize in the happy, willing, and kind four year old that went to his new home today.
Thanks Willi, so much, for everything!  No.VA will miss you, best of luck to you in NC!!!!!

Patsy Martin – Rappahannock County, Virginia

I recently purchased a horse that Wilhelmina trained. She spent several days with me to make sure our transition was smooth. She is a wonderful teacher.  She explains aids in ways that make them easy to understand. She understands the horses and the need for adjusting the training to suit the individual. She cared much more about making sure the match was suitable and that the home was the best for the horse, than for making a sale. I was very impressed with her knowledge about training young horses and rehabilitating injured ones. She is honest and hard-working, and she takes great care of her horses. She made buying a horse a very enjoyable experience. Thanks, Wilhelmina!

Carrie and Jim – Flint Hill, Virginia

Wilhelmina was our partner in finding two horses to join our family herd.  We wanted to participate in the process by riding many of the candidates so we could learn what we really liked about the horses who would become part of our family, and she guided us every step of the way (from helping us interpret some of the “creative writing” that goes into online ads for horses, to accompanying us on audition rides and keeping us safe, to negotiating trial periods for potential purchase candidates, to rejecting those candidates when they turned out to be much different than they originally presented, to finally confirming our choices would work for our family and our two family horses.  And once we brought the horses home, Willi helped brush up their training for the long trail rides we like to take, teaching us how to ride them (rather than the horses we’d been riding for 10 years).  She also helped us introduce the new horses to our current horses safely and sanely, with a minimum of trauma.  Her experience and natural talent, both in riding and in communicating with us, was absolutely essential to our ability to finally bring home two animals that have become a huge and happy part of our lives. We would recommend her to anyone trying to find their forever equine partner.

Sheryl Krukowski – Scottsdale, Arizona

My daughter has been working with Wilhelmina for some time now.  Wilhelmina demonstrates exceptional knowledge about horses and students.  She is patient and full of energy.  She gives freely of her knowledge of the horses.  The horses really respond to her style.  She has taken my daughter to a whole new level of riding.  I cannot begin to say how much she means to us.  We love her!