Learn your horses language and have a more satisfying experience


I offer lessons in classical dressage, jumping, western, pleasure, and horsemanship for children 5+ and adults. Lessons should be done on your personal horse. For group lessons a max of 4 riders.

The regular lesson program is designed for individuals wanting to learn and develop their horsemanship skills in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. The majority of students attend a group class once a week, and the class develops at a pace tailored for the members of the group. Private and longe line lessons are also available.

The riding classes teach a broad range of equitation skills from the basics of all 3 gaits, to beginning techniques of western horsemanship, trail, jumping, dressage or pleasure. Students are encouraged to ride different ponies so they become familiar with and understand the differences each new mount presents, If available.

Included with the horsemanship skills acquired, students are encouraged to learn how to bathe and clip horses, clean and care for tack, and to longe horses. On the lighter side, there are game days to break the routine of working classes.

To boost the skills learned in class, student horse shows are planned on a regular basis for students to put their knowledge to practical use. These shows are always an exciting event: all classes are judged, and all students receive ribbons for their participation. The experience and enjoyment of competing in a real horse show helps students set goals as they discover their level of skill.