Board & Fees

Learn your horses language and have a more satisfying experience

Training and Lesson Fee’s

1) Half – training is not offered (less than 5 days a week).

2) I prefer to work youngsters 5/6 days a week. Full training in either a 30, 60 or 90 day program is available.

Hourly rate $60 for training and lessons.

Rehabilitation’s differ per case. Call for quote.

3) Exercising is only offered, after completion of one of my programs or to a rehabilitating client.

4) Lessons – for ages 5+ – adult, my horses are small and for their health and well being I have a weight limit. If you would like to work towards riding and are actively working on this goal, call me and let’s discuss. There are other things I can teach, that are just as strenuous while you work towards your goals.

5) Please bring your own equipment – (helmet, saddle, headstall, boots, grooming brushes etc) There is plenty of storage space for your tack, and your horses clothes. *We lock the tack room.

Insurance – Property owner and I provide insurance for use of the facility. Must be signed before training or boarding begins. 


1 Stall Available – as of Friday July 20th.

$450.00 – Due on the 1st day horse arrives and must be paid on the first of every month, no exceptions.

Includes turn out, hay 2x a day, night check and stall cleaning.

Additional fee’s:

Supplements, fly spray, sheets, treats, grain, and meds must be provided by owner. Fridge available.

Trailer storage – possible room for bumper pull (depends on type). $50 per month

Facility Gallery:


Tack Room



Sand arena 90 by 60 w/ Sprinklers



Grooming area





Questions? Please call Wilhelmina @ 702-417-7963

This is a private property.