"..I advocate for the relationship between the animal and the trainer/rider/groom but regarding this new training method being used in Europe..."

Horse Racing & NEW technology

Good Morning –

It’s almost 100 degree’s here in Vegas. I’m hiding inside with my iced coffee, about to go to the law firm for my office job.

I wanted to re-start my blog as I haven’t posted in over a year, and oddly I get a lot of traffic to my website, as well as calls for training and lessons. I never post or update my website. SEO strangeness…

I will be firing up a training program again next month, for either one horse and one rider or one horse, but I’ll post about that later.

For today, I wanted to dive into a topic that I see constantly on Social Media, mainly Facebook, Horse Racing. I’ll be posting about this for the next few weeks, sharing my views of this industry, and why this breed (thoroughbreds) are the best horses, all around.

Horse racing is part of our, the USA, history and has a huge impact on the Equestrian world. Just like every discipline, it has its negative aspects and positives. Everyone has their own opinion of this sport but please keep in mind, this sport has an impact on our economy. It creates jobs, it drives the value for horses to stay steady and up. Especially with over breeding, shut down slaughter’s and Mustangs over populating shelters.

Being a Social Media Manager I am ALWAYS on Facebook. I have to be. But last night I was cruising Facebook, and found an interesting article that sort of brought the whole topic of horse racing to an iceberg. In regards to training methods, I advocate for the relationship between the animal and the trainer/rider/groom but regarding this new training method being used in Europe, I’m feeling conflicted, please watch the video!

This is a roller coaster style machine to train up coming racehorses! The horses appear relaxed and don’t seem bothered by the exercise, the process appears to be effective.  The purpose of the $20 million dollar machine is to take out “human error” and increase the horses chances of making it to the track as a superstar. I can see the positive aspect of this method, but I feel it takes the heart out of the sport and the most important aspect, the emotional experience between the jockey and the animal.

Here’s the link if you wish to check it out: The Future of Racing

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