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Phase 1 of Ground Work

During the first phase of ground work, You want to always follow a specific routine. It’ll help you have confidence in this new language your creating with your horse, and it will help them learn what to expect from you. So my routine and one I recommend for beginners to ground work. This also helps you feel less like an octopus with five arms and unsure throughout the process.

1) Walking in to the stall (pen/paddock) make a note of where your horse is and ask yourself what is their body language saying to you. You need to be aware that your entering their domain / area. I like to ask permission in a politely dominating way to approach my horse. I want them to be curious, friendly and polite when I come over to put on the halter.

2) Do I have two eyes, and two ears? No. I have the rear end. Okay then I (always try quietly first) I push them around their stall until I have them in a place that gives me what I perceive as a conversational stance (them facing me, standing parallel and looking at me, or backed into a corner facing me). I NEVER approach a horse EVER if their rear end is to me. A) its dangerous B) its the horses way of being rude.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the routine tips, Ponies are waiting on me! Have a good day everyone!

Essential Oils for allergies! My new infatuation. I’m using them on everything!! Any questions or need suggestions how to use them on your horses, I’m happy to share info!


Cheers, W

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