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Baby Lux

It has been over a year since I posted to this blog! I have decided I need to post an update. My new project is here and he is such a sweet boy! He’s a bit of a monkey on the ground, but is getting better everyday. Lots of ground work and constant reminders what manners are.

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His adventure his first two weeks here was to jump out of his paddock. His fence was over 5/6 feet tall. He didn’t even come near hitting his legs. Beautiful form from a stand still too. Of course I was super worried about his legs, but frankly the only thing he managed to bang up was the hardest spot to keep a bandage on, his face! His cheek bone right under the eye and right next to the nose.. infection paranoia!

Since I’ve been using my essential oils to ease my asthma (instead of using my inhaler) I decided to try the oils (melaluca and serenity) to see if it would help fight an infection from setting in and generally if it would sting/ what his reaction would be to the oil.

The oils are pure and can be used for animals topically as well as ingested. I’m not a fan of main stream medicine for little cuts and scraps. Oils worked beautifully. Lux didn’t even flinch when I put two drops on and he didn’t seem bothered by them at all, he also smelled wonderful. I had to skip working him for a few days because I was too busy with work (my boring real job) and school. When I did have a chance later that week to go visit him, and try to get him to play (ill come back to this one šŸ™‚ which he doesn’t know how to do), his face cut was infected all yellow and pussy. So i cleaned it again and put some more melaluca/serenity on it, worked him, and within an hour the infection had gone down!! Yay! No vet visit for us! The puss was gone, it wasn’t yellow anymore. These little oils made my week.

Stay tuned for another post about Lux and his amusing attempts at liberty play time…11006209_10153113072819461_681386081_n (1)

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