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Is your horse fit enough?

According to a new study done by  Doug Hannum in the Sept. 2, 2013 Chronicle article “The New Science and Responsibility of Running Horses. “People don’t understand what a fit horse is anymore. They act like doing a horse trial is almost like going to the horse show ring at Devon [Pa.] to do a horse show class. The poor horses are just falling apart, and it’s all about the fitness.”

During the George Morris’s annual clinic in WEF this year he said something along those lines as well “that no one takes the time to ‘condition’ their horses properly anymore. They should be able to do a 2 hour clinic without being too sore to work the next day”.

The Colt Starter offers exercising year round, even in the winter! Maybe there isn’t enough land near by to properly leg up your horse, maybe your trainer wont let you out of the arena, maybe there are other issues you aren’t ready to face with your horse. Hire The Colt Starter to do it for you! If interested in learning how to ride outside of your comfort zone, I can teach you the basic steps that you can repeat EVERYDAY and it’ll be a good ‘start’ for your horse before you’re off on your riding adventure.


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