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Horsemanship Challenge Clinic

On August 17th The Colt Starter held the first Horsemanship Challenge Clinic of the Summer. Horsemanship events/races are  fun for the entire family. They are a great way to have fun while improving your horsemanship and communication. By competing at and preparing for Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge Association Events, the results will be increased responsiveness, acceptance, and trust. You’ll be developing a willing partner while competing. UHCA Events challenge both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of obstacles, while demonstrating skill, finesse, horsemanship and speed. A score is given for each obstacle on the course and riders are judged on overall horsemanship. UHCA races are timed events. These skills also apply to everyday trail riding, and American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) events.

Sharon / Curtain 1)  This is a Cowboy Curtain, Sharon has taught her horse to confidently approach, quietly stick his nose through a “hole” in the curtain and walk through the curtain! He wasn’t sure at first but after some relaxation exercises and confidence from his rider, they accomplished the first obstacle.


After riding for two hours, the ladies went off to Mimi’s Cafe for A/C and breakfast. A reservation is made for after every clinic, RSVPs are helpful as we can reserve a table with a larger group. Dates for future clinics throughout the Fall will be posted shortly.


The clinic is held at Winter Rose Equestrian on the  X-country course with natural obstacles, Hannah Brisso, a certified ARIA instructor, assists with the clinic.

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