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Morgan Foals (8 months and 4 months)

On October 8th, Autumns Pistol Annie was born. She is a Lambert x Lippitt Morgan out of Quietude Empire x Scattered Oaks Easter Joy.  Lisa and I were very excited for our first birthing. Little Autumn is exactly the same color as Joy, dark bay with a big star, she’s very sweet and has been progressing nicely with her ground manners training. She is the neighborhood favorite, especially with the little girls.

Micah is eight months old, from the Scattered Oaks line, and Lisa is anxiously waiting to see if he turns out to be her Stallion prospect. For a young fella he is very sweet, laid back, and quick to learn. He was born a Palomino, he continues to change colors but we hope he matures to be a chocolate palomino!

** Larry, the boxer, loved to play tag!!


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