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Why Train a Horse?

“Why do people train horses?”

I get asked this question a lot by people that haven’t been around horses.

I enjoy training horses for the relationship that develops with the animal. Using body language to communicate with a 1200 lb animal, mimicking my movements, halting, backing-up, side passing and trusting me to be the leader. Respecting me to lead them through scary situations, instead of dragging me around or running me over. Perfecting details of an exercise, for example riding a horse over a bridge for the first time. Knowing when my horse has hit his threshold, when I need to Show, Ask, Tell, and Allow. When he trusts my judgement and tries.  I enjoy those little moments. I want to help other people have those moments.

That’s my reason.




For example, Here Lisa is teaching a young (2yr old) Morgan to quietly stand on the platform. The sound of the hoofs on the hollow wood can be scary. He is standing with the front feet and eventually will do all four feet. The purpose of this exercise is to desensitive him to odd sounds, build trust in his handler, and build his confidence to stand on small narrow objects, quietly and calmly until asked to dismount.

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