Deuce - March 2016 (1st Trail Challenge)

Went to a LEAN Trail Challenge with Mr. Deuce and had a great time in the desert near Boulder City.

Binx Arabians 2013

Halter breaking and desensitizing a 3 week old filly, a real sweetheart and a bit shy.

Virgil and Patsy

Virgil was a sale horse 3 years ago in Flint Hill Virginia. He is a large 17h gelding from V.I.P. He and Patsy have made huge improvements and have found a great Dressage trainer to continue their happily ever after.

Ground work - How to Lunge

Demonstrating and instructing students how to lunge during summer camp

Legging up

Little Miss Joy loves to trail ride and jump the Old Dominion hunt's coops

Majosa Danton 2012

A grandson of Seattle Slew, 18 years old at 17HH. A dear friend I miss dearly.

Teaching in Scottsdale 2013

Instructing a student how to rehab her Connemara gelding, Finnley, who is recovering from an injury.

Binx Arabians

Playing with the bold filly, she loves hide and seek! A little play before some work, halter breaking and leading.

Colts ready for work 2009

Young, old, green and everything in between!

Kustom Abraham Oak - May 2012

Practicing our gates, for his trail competitions. He does them beautifully!

Nancy and Rio 2010

Nancy and Rio are endurance racers. Rio is a young Arabian with a behavior issue. He would bully his owner, and everyone that handled him. It became very dangerous during a race, when he kicked at a vet during the check up. He and Nancy have done their homework and have had two successful races this year! Congratulations Nancy!!

Buddha and Katie 2012

Buddha, a 5 year old Connemara cross, and his owner Katie, an Eventer, have ended their 60 day session with a two hour trail ride crossing rivers, ignoring lots of bugs, and leading the way!

Clearly 2011-2012

Clearly a 4 year old, at 16HH by Galatios x Slew Along. Congratulations Joan Russo!

Starr 2012

Starr, a Percheron thoroughbred cross 4 years old at 16HH. A PMU baby, At his first Dressage show :)

Abraham - 2010

In The Colt Starter program, horses are taught to be responsible and well behaved. Abraham is showing off.

Blue Spruce Intrigue - 2009

Boogie - as a 3 year old. He was a young 6 year old Lippitt Morgan stallion, that Wilhelmina took on as a project. He played a big part in developing The Colt Starter program.

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Welcome to The Colt StarterSM website!

The Colt Starter natural horse training method comes from equine psychology with common sense communication techniques. My goal is to create a sound foundation for every young horse – whether destined to be a Grand Prix jumper or trail mount. Better communication between horse and rider through basic exercises is a key to help the horse be a more respectful, enjoyable mount. I want all horse owners at all experience levels,  and other specialized trainers that may later work with the horse, to have successful harmonious partnerships, without force. My goal is to help horses and owners enjoy their time together, and achieve the owners’ objectives.

One of the results from The Colt Starter training method, is that your horse learns confidence and respect by learning to work with humans, to do what you ask – when you ask. Your horse will be quieter, more obedient, and confident in himself and you, as the handler/rider.

High quality show and competition horses need the proper foundation - the "right start" for colts and fillies - before they transition to a show, jumping or eventing trainer. That "right start" is what we do here at The Colt Starter. And for non-competition horses, whether you ride English or Western or love to hit the trails, let Wilhelmina and her staff develop your horse to be a respectful and enjoyable mount.